You can register using THIS GOOGLE FORM.

Registration is DUE FEBRUARY 22, 2020. 

Before you register you should have read the rules, decided if you’re doing the project by yourself or with a partner and have chosen your project category (see below).  You also need a one paragraph description of your project. If you need help or have questions, please email us (see contact page).

Project Categories:


  • For example, projects about living things, health science, the environment, space, chemistry, earth science etc. belong here.


  • For example, projects involving computer science.


  • For example, projects involving invention, reverse engineering, “how stuff works”, infernal contraptions, Rube Goldberg machines, robots/robotics.


  • For example, projects oriented around math, numbers, statistics etc.

Judging Projects

Prize categories will be determined at a later date, depending  on sponsorship dollars, numbers of students registered and other criteria. Special prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the judges the day of the fair.