Can You Donate?

Help us make the Keene State College STEM Fair happen!

Why we need sponsors

Keene State College is hosting the Fair, providing us with an outstanding venue for this exciting event. We need additional sponsorship so we can:

  • Provide funds for students who cannot otherwise participate.
  • Provide prizes to students to promote excitement and engagement.
  • Hold a luncheon and awards ceremony for students and community members to celebrate student success.

What your sponsorship will accomplish

We estimate the cost of the Fair to be $35 per student attendee. This includes $10 towards prizes, a $15 luncheon including student plus associated community member, and $10 towards the fund for the student supply pool.

Suggestions for levels of sponsorship

  • Participant, $35 = supports 1 student participant
  • Bronze, $70 = supports 2 student participants
  • Silver, $210 = supports 6 student participants
  • Gold, $420 = supports 12 student participants
  • Sustaining, $1050 = supports 30 student participants

*Other forms of sponsorship:

Direct prize donations, water bottles and snacks, or other suggestions are welcome.

How do sponsors benefit?

  • Sponsors will be helping to create an event that will help our region and our children prosper.
  • Sponsors will be recognized with our thanks at the awards ceremony at the Fair.
  • Sponsors will have their names and logos displayed on this website.
  • Sponsors are welcome (and encouraged) to setup a booth at the STEM Fair to promote their business and be part of the Fair.
  • What would you like? We welcome any other desired recognition of sponsor suggestions.

How to donate

Please contact Fair co-organizer Dr. Loren Launen ( to ask about sponsoring the Fair. Donations can be made by check

to: Keene State College with Middle School Stem Fair noted on the check.

To donate please contact Dr. Loren Launen, co-organizer of the KSC STEM fair at for details.